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IDMA 2019 FAIR Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, March 19.-22.

The Association Serbia Grains was invited to the 8th International 8th International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Fair / IDMA 2019 which was held in Istanbul Expo Center in days between March 19th and 23rd.

In the organization of the Parantez Group and the Republic of Turke...
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In the Weekly Report  we are processing forecasts and information on the current situation in world and domestic agriculture markets, related to grains, oilseeds and products.
In our weekly report from the grains, fodder, oilseeds and oil markets, we discuss on a weekly level  prices of grains and oilseeds, in domestic Serbian and global markets  such as USA, Hungar...
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