Subscription to e-bulletin Serbia Grains Weekly Report - details

In the Weekly Report  we are processing forecasts and information on the current situation in world and domestic agriculture markets, related to grains, oilseeds and products.
In our weekly report from the grains, fodder, oilseeds and oil markets, we discuss on a weekly level  prices of grains and oilseeds, in domestic Serbian and global markets  such as USA, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, etc., current production estimates and forecasts, comment on the condition of crops, harvest, sowing, stocks, consumption in the Serbian market and markets of all major world producers, exporters and importers. We pay special attention to legal regulations. We monitor the export of wheat, wheat flour and corn from Serbia, as well as of oilseeds and products  on a monthly basis  to countries in the region and the rest of the world, and for each destination we have  monthly export data according to the type of product.

In order to provide yourself a copy of the Weekly Report issued by Association Serbia Grains you need to send us an e-mail to  for more information about subscription.

Below you can download one of the previously published copies.

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