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In the beginning of 2009th Association Serbia Grains was founded, leaning on longstanding tradition of Yugoslavian Grains Fund which exists in this region as Association of grain producers and exporters since 1978th, with main goal to improve the production export of grains and oil seeds from Serbia. The objectives of the Association are set out in the Statute of the Association, and great wish of its founders was that members of the Association in addition to the manufacturer and exporter of grains and oil seeds are those companies which are dealing with storage, quality control, crop protection and transport of bulk commodities, in order to jointly achieve set objectives among which :

1.Production volume and quality improvement to meet the balance requirements of the country and increase the export of grains
2.Coordination of annual plans and programs for production, exports and imports
3.Representation of member s interests with government authorities and business associations
4.Creating optimum conditions for the work of the Association in cooperation with state authorities
5.Preparation of standard contracts for trading with grains in the domestic and international markets
6.Arbitration function on domestic market to resolve disputes arising in the sale of grains and oil seeds
7.Organizing performance in foreign markets in order to eliminate unfair competition
8.Organization of economic and informational propaganda in the media, at trade shows and similar events
9.Initiating cooperation between members, promoting specialization in order to increase production and exports
10.Creating information system and initiating the creation of commodity exchange in Serbia
11.Creating new standards and regulations on quality in accordance with current European and world standards
12.Organizing education for producers and exporters

For past 8 years Association Serbia Grains has managed to do much on mentioned objectives. Until beginning of 2017th Association has increased its number of members to that level where they are together responsible for majority of total yearly grains and oil seeds exports from Serbia.

First Serbia Grain Conference will be held on Thursday, October 31 2019 at the HILTON Hotel at Republic of Serbia capital Belgrade.

This is the first Conference of this kind organized in Serbia within the frames of mutual project between Association Serbia Grains, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na...
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