There are 3 models of cooperation within Association Serbia Grains :

1. Association Serbia Grains member,
is involved in the work of the Association, creation of the Association politics and management. Besides that, Association member has rights to unlimited phone/e-mail consultations concerning any possible question or problem, has right to request analyses of both domestic and international grain and oil seeds market according to own needs, has right to participate in expanded meetings of Board of Directors, has right to participate in meeting of Annual Associations Assembly, has right to participate in educational seminars and workshops ( 2 persons per company/institute/Institution ) and is automatically receiving Associations weekly Report from the markets of grain, animal feed, oil seeds and oils, both international and Serbian. Besides weekly Report member of the Association receives our monthly editions - Monthly report on fertilizers which is prepared specifically for need of Associations member companies - it is not included in any other model of cooperation.
Membership is settled annually.

2. Associated member,
has right to all information concerning work of the Association, participates in work of the Annual Associations Assembly, but not in creation of the Association politics and management. Has right to consultations concerning any segment of grain and oil seed markets, but has no right to request analyses of market data according to own needs. Has right to participate in extended meetings of Board of Directors and in meeting of Annual Associations Assembly, educational seminars and workshops ( one person per company )and is subscribed to Associations Report from the markets of grain, animal feed, oil seeds and oils, international and Serbian. Main activity of associated member companies usually is not grains and oil seed production and/or export, but that is not a condition to decide to be associated member.
Membership is settled annually.

3. Subscriber,
has a right to Association weekly edition Report from grains, oil seeds& products and feed markets, international and Serbian which is delivered on up to 5 e-mail addresses per company, and has right to one phone consultation on weekly basis in reference to data published in last Weekly Report. Subscription which covers expenses of delivering weekly Associations Serbia Grains Report once a week (Tuesday morning) is valid from the date when subscription is settled until the same date next calendar year.

In Association Serbia Grains weekly Report from the markets of grain, animal feed, oil seeds and oils - we provide information on anticipated grain/oil seed production, consumption and trade perspectives. In particular price movements in both domestic and world grain and oil seeds markets which are relevant for medium and small farmers, as well as for grain industry organizations and grain exporters in this region; current estimates and forecasts in ref. to production, sown/harvested areas, inventories, exports, consumption in the domestic market, nearby markets in the region and relevant international markets. Particular attention is paid to the legal regulations changes concerning the export from Serbia of wheat, wheat flour and maize, oil seeds and products, sugar beet, etc. on a monthly basis by countries in the region( former Yugoslav republics) and for each product mentioned monthly exports are calculated by product.

In addition to mentioned forms of cooperation Associations analytical service, upon your request and according to your company needs, provides analyses of almost all segments of relevant international grains and oil seeds markets, including Serbia of course. Requested data/analyses is delivered in time interval mutually agreed to your e-mail address.

Association Serbia Grains is opened for all new members.

For additional info in ref. to either joining Association Serbia Grains or having data/analyses request please send us an e-mail to

First Serbia Grain Conference will be held on Thursday, October 31 2019 at the HILTON Hotel at Republic of Serbia capital Belgrade.

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Subscription to e-bulletin Serbia Grains Weekly Report - details
In the Weekly Report  we are processing forecasts and information on the current situation in world and domestic agriculture markets, related to grains, oilseeds and products.
In our weekly report from the grains, fodder, oilseeds and oil markets, we discuss on a weekly level  prices of grains and oilseeds, in domestic Serbian and global markets  such as USA, Hungar...
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