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Under the patronage of UN FAO and the EBRD we presented you with a new e-bulletin ....
In order to provide yourself a copy of the Serbia Grains WEEKLY Report during the period of MAY 2017 - APRIL 2018, it was necessary to click on the LOGIN option, enter the email address to which you would like to receive the Report and click on ENTER. After that, in the period of MAY 2017 - APRIL 2018, once a month you received to your monthly e-mail address  Serbia Grains WEEKLY Report .

By clicking on the VIEW  option, you will be transferred to the page Report from where you can directly download the last copy of the WEEKLY Report, as well as all previous editions of the aforementioned bulletin.

From April 2018. onwards  sections of the WEEKLY Report of the Association Serbia Grains, which were most interesting ones according to the subscribers, we had included in our edition of the Associations WEEKLY REPORT, about which you can read more in the news below in the right corner or you can send a request for more information to

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Geneva, November 13th, 2018.

The Association Serbia Grains, with the support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization - UN FAO and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD, hosted the Round Table " A closer look at production, consumption, warehouse logistics and river infrastructure of the microregion " which took place...
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In the Weekly Report  we are processing forecasts and information on the current situation in world and domestic agriculture markets, related to grains, oilseeds and products.
In our weekly report from the grains, fodder, oilseeds and oil markets, we discuss on a weekly level  prices of grains and oilseeds, in domestic Serbian and global markets  such as USA, Hungar...
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